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Announcement and Invitation to an International Conference

Trans Arab Research Institute (TARI), an independent American think tank registered in the state of Massachusetts, and the William Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences of the University of Massachusetts  are convening an international conference to undertake a critical assessment of the current status of the two state solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and to explore the logic and feasibility of a one-state solution based on equal citizenship for Palestinians and Israelis.   The conference will be held on March 28 and 29, 2009 on the campus of the University of Massachusetts.

We believe that this conference is timely and relevant to the challenges facing Palestinians and Israelis.  The two parties, supported by many international efforts, have been seeking to resolve their conflict and achieve peace based on a two state solution for more than 15 years. Yet they are still far from achieving this goal.  Their visions differ irreconcilably to date, and the obstacles to a peaceful and just resolution of the conflict have multiplied. The impact of the Israeli assault on Gaza has further complicated the pursuit of a just solution. Leading scholars from Palestine, Israel, the US, Canada and Europe will take part in the discussions in the two-day program examining paths to a just and lasting resolution of the current conflict.

The two sponsoring institutions invite you to attend what promises to be a noted event. Since places are limited, we ask those wishing to attend to register in advance. Admittance to all conference functions are restricted to registered individuals, space permitting. There are no registration fees. Come, listen & participate in this unique event.

The Conference was held March 28 and 29, 2009 on the campus of the University of Massachusetts.

The Conference was highly successful.  More than 500 people attended the two-day sessions.  Conference proceedings were covered by the USA and international media.  To view a video tape of the sessions, check out:  A Conference Declaration was issued in three languages, English, Arabic and Hebrew, and has since appeared in various newspapers and professional journals.  Copies of the Declaration are attached:

Boston Declaration English Text.pdf
Boston Declaration Arabic Text.pdf
Boston Declaration Hebrew Text.pdf

A special issue of Contemporary Arab Affairs on the One State featuring essays by Hani Faris, Ziad Hafez, Saree Makdisi, George Bisharat, Omar Barghouti and Nadia Hajjab was published in October-December 2009. (Vol 2 No. 4)

A special issue of Al Mustaqbal Al Arabi on the One State featuring essays by Hani Faris, Saree Makdisi, George Bisharat, Husam Zomlot, Ilan Pappe and Gabriel Piterberg was be published in March 2010.

An Arabic edition of a book on the One State Solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict was published by the Center for Arab Unity Studies in Beirut, Lebanon in December 2011. The English edition of the book on the One State Solution will be published by I.B Tauris in 2012.